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Data from the oil professionals.


  • Benchmark crude oil as well European and Asian product swap indices
  • Enables you to build up your database
  • Historical OTC data since the year 2000
  • “Clear-c.u.t.” market data:
    • Checked
    • Unbiased Brokers
    • Timely
  • End-of-day assessments for consistency
  • A “must-have" for contemporary papers covering market analysis or model back-testing

A new level of practically orientated education.

If you are a department at a University dealing with risk management or running models on markets, you need a vast amount of data to populate your databases. The systematic electronic gathering and storage of data started in the year 2000. For historical crude and products OTC swaps data PVM Data Services has the comprehensive database to fit your needs.

We collect data from more than 30 desks of PVM's broker offices located in Singapore, London and the U.S. Our monitored processes and control-loops as well as carefully designed check procedures generate the final data to meet our high quality standards.

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