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In fast-moving OTC markets, mid-office and risk managers need data they can rely on. We bring that data to you directly from the 30 broking desks of PVM Oil Associates, analyse it and present it in a form that’s ready for immediate use. Taking PVM’s trusted data electronically reduces operational risk in your daily Mark-to-Market and VaR processes, leaving you to concentrate on managing your company’s risk position.


PVM Forwards Classic is the data-feed designed for risk management, supporting your daily valuation processes. Based on our signature offering, PVM End-of-Day Broker Runs, it delivers carefully prepared, concise and comprehensive data.

This service covers all of the important European and Asian OTC oil swap indices.

Forward curves for featured products come in monthly granularity, including an artificially created Balance-of-Month available until the last business day of a calendar month.

PVM Forwards Classic allows you to stay in close contact with the markets. And it’s also available via selected channel partners – so the data is at your fingertips in your environment.


Normalised Data

Comparability of prices due to standardised assessment time-stamps across all forward curves.

Clean Data

The collection and processing of the raw data is closely monitored. Carefully designed check-procedures and control loops support the generation of the final data meeting our high quality standards.


Enjoy the single point of contact support and benefit from the rapid response times of our friendly helpdesk.

FTP or channel provider

The data comes in .csv format and can be downloaded conveniently from our FTP-server, ready for your automated data processing – or you can use it directly via our channel partners.

Predictable costs

Cost control thanks to our straightforward licensing model. A corporate licence offers even greater flexibility in managing your costs.

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